Friday, May 28, 2010

Flow - Jim Thorpe, PA

I'll give you the executive overview up front... make the trip to Jim Thorpe and go to FLOW. See the art gallery, watch the water run under the restaurant, enjoy a cocktail in the backyard. Oh yeah - and have some of the best food in all of northeastern Pennsylvania. Not a cheap date place... but memorable.

Functionality - decent - a bit up Broadway from the core of Jim Thorpe (so driving there is recommended). Street parking readily available. I've been to Flow twice... on my most recent visit, had about 45 minutes to kill while waiting for my spouse, so wanted to be productive. The very nice and helpful staff could not find me a reasonably close power outlet outside so i could plug in my laptop.... so they offered me a spot at the bar w/ electric... and the cables are strewn across the floor and they warned the other staff not to trip on it. Safety hazard? Probably. A simple example of going out of their way for a customer? You bet.

Comfort - this a strange place (and I mean that as a compliment). It really could 'feel' pretentious... but it's not. The staff is pretty young and the customer base is quite mixed. The service supplies are a bit of a mix of grandma's cupboard and flea market plus mid-tier restaurant supply. Somehow it works through.

Service - about perfect. Not rushed, willing to work with your needs / timing. Again - young staff - but they are very efficient and helpful. As good as i have seen anywhere.

Connected - wi-fi not for public use - that should change. Otherwise - good website although the menu changes every couple days and not 100% certain they keep it properly updated.

View / Decor - awesome. The weird mix of dishes / furniture somehow comes together nicely. Try to get one of the tables near the creek that flows under the restaurant. And if you want, take your pre-dinner cocktails and explore the art gallery - no kidding.

Food - does not disappoint. The menu changes often - so don't get hooked on any one item... but everything we've had there was quite good. Items are fresh and quality is good. Minor complaint - had grilled scallops there that were a tad overdone, but no issues. They probably would have replaced them if i wanted. Have not tried the deserts, but the appetizers and mains are good and ensures you will not be disappointed after the drive to Jim Thorpe. Wine selection is OK, albeit limited.

Value - if you stay away from the wine / cocktails ($9 for a mixed drink!) the prices are in line with a restaurant of this quality. Serving sizes are reasonable and clearly the focus is on quality, not quantity. Expect dinner for two in the $60 - $75 range excluding alcohol.

Would I go back - any time I am in Jim Thorpe - Flow is on the agenda. This place is in my top ten favorite restaurants in the world. Will it one day earn a Michelin star? Nope... but I'm not sure that's the most important thing for a successful restaurant either. Flow has carved out a nice little niche in the limited Jim Thorpe restaurant scene - and it is worth the drive.

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